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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new year... A new me!!

Happy New Year all. I'mmmmm Baaaaaaaack. I love New Years. It gives me a clean slate to start fresh. I feel renewed. I feel like taking on the world. Actually by the world I mean the parts of me I want changed. There are a lot!!! And I'm going to start at the top of my list and work down and see how far I get. This blog is going to hold me responsible, and you are going to hear the nitty gritty of how it's going. I'm prepared to be completely open and honest. Which is something I don't usually like to do. But hey, this is my blog and if you don't like it by all means don't read it! So... Are you prepared?

There are several areas in which I want to improve. I do feel however that in order to strengthen the relationship you have with others, you must first strengthen the relationship you have with yourself, and before doing that, you must find the strength and the time to strengthen your relationship with your Lord. And so.. my first resolution is to make it my very top priority to read my scriptures every day and to never leave my house in the morning without kneeling and speaking directly with my Heavenly Father. Evening prayers are less of a challenge for me than in the mornings. So it is not on my list. There are some of you who have mastered this already. To you I say...well done. You are my inspiration. There was a time when this was an area of expertise for me, but I have learned that self mastery is a life long, (actually eternal) pursuit. Areas in which you felt you had mastered can fall to the wayside and become your challenges yet again. It can be daunting and very humbling to find yourself at the age of 28 working to improve in the same areas you were at the age of 16. But here I am... No holds bar. Honestly saying that I need to do better. I hate excuses, so therefore will venture none. I am not looking back. Only forward with an eye of faith that I will accomplish this for not only the year 2011 but hopefully for the rest of my life.

Going forward with my belief in helping yourself before helping others. My next resolution, is to put my health next on the list. To work out at least 4 days a week and eat right. Yes, you read this correctly...I am putting myself before my children in this category. Those of you who know me well, might know that this is something I struggled with for a long time. I have however gotten a head start on this one and in the past 3 months have been working out regularly and eating, not just healthy, but the proper amount for a person my size. I have lost 15 pounds and am continuing on. I LOVE food, which will never change, so I will not be doing any crazy fad diets. Rather digging to the root of the problem and finding out a way to eat that will continue throughout my life.

Next comes my wonderful husband Randy. No, I am not making it my New Year's Resolution to change him. Although there are times when I try!! It is to strengthen my relationship with him. Don't get me wrong.... I consider myself happily married to an amazing man. One who sometimes I feel I don't always deserve. One who sometimes I can push aside for the needs of my children. I really hope someone out there can sympathize with me on this. I hope I am not alone. I adore his company and love spending time with him, but sometimes feel it is a luxury I can't afford. LUXURY??? WHAT??? Sounds crazy huh? It should not be a luxury. It needs to be a necessity. So it is my resolution to have a two hour date together once a week. We do not necessarily have to go out somewhere every week. It can be at home while the kids are asleep. But two hours to spend talking and laughing the way we did before our lives became so crazy. Every time we are alone together I remember why I fell in love with him. I need that reminder sometimes. What can I say... marriage can be hard. :)
Sadly I am leaving my kiddos out of this. Not saying that I am a perfect Mother. Far from it actually. I need to control my temper better and be more patient, but as far as my relationship with them goes... I'm doing pretty good. I am a full time mother. Most of my day is spent building my relationship with them. Actually, I love being a mother so much that I really believe it was my excuse for allowing these other parts of my life to suffer. I will probably be changing my story once they are teenagers, so please don't rub it in my face in about 10 years.

Hang in there... I'm almost done. Next is the organization of my house. We have a small house, which has it's advantages. It's really easy to clean. But hard to find places to store stuff. I am a habitual thrower awayer! But over this past year with my third baby my house has become a lot less organized. So I will be digging through cupboards and going through closets and buying storage bins and making trips to donation bins. I love being organized, but don't always take the time. So My resolution is to make the inside of my cupboards and closets look beautiful. As well as the inside of my home.

There I am done. Here's to a New Year filled with mending relationships and organizing not only my home, but also my priorities. I will keep you updated with progress in these areas as well as pictures of the family. (which is what I know you really care about) If you have taken the time to read through this, I thank you. I also encourage you to re-evaluate your own life and perhaps compile your own list. It is truly empowering to realize that the only limits we have on us are those we place on ourselves. I am looking forward to the year 2011 and hope you have a happy and healthy one.


Blogger Michelle Perry said...

Great list cousin! I know you can do it! You've inspired me.

January 8, 2011 at 11:29 AM  
Blogger Adam and Stacy said...

Great list! Thats so awesome you have lost 15 lbs. Go Katie!

January 11, 2011 at 1:48 PM  
Blogger Mindi said...

Go Kates!!! My list is rather similar...Be comforted to know that at 31 I am still reminding myself for am prayer...I sing did you think to pray to myself A LOT!!! Good luck, cannot wait to hear more! Love ya!!!!

January 20, 2011 at 7:39 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Great Post Katie! I look forward to next years blog post. Haha. See you guys soon

February 3, 2011 at 12:09 PM  

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